Victory over Negative Customs and Traditions.

I was born into a community at a time where certain practices of the community suggested and upheld the circumcision of the first male child only when he has reached the age of accountability. This i really vowed not to adhere to because i felt it was totally against the tenets of my faith as a christian. My name is Sunday Ukachukwu and i come from one of the popular old cities of the former Eastern region in Nigeria. After i got married and my wife took in, i kept telling my family and friends that i was going to circumcise my son some days after his birth as stipulated in the Holy book. My parents kicked against it and read out the dire consequences of flouting that age long tradition of my people, one of which the child might die before his youthful age or there would be constant attacks of the spirit of sickness in the live of the child amongst others. But in spite of these threats, i maintained my faith and my stand. And so eight days after my first son was born i circumcised him. Weeks ran into months, then years and nothing happened to my son to the amazement of the entire community. This opened the eyes of many of my generation that was once bound by the belief in this custom to follow my step. Again when i wanted to marry my wife, it was also the traditional custom of my town to take the new bride to our village shrine where an old rusted bend iron like fish hook would be used to hit the woman on a part of her teeth. This ritual signaled her welcome into our community and into the family of the bridegroom. I hated this old practice just for the simple reasons that it wasn’t hygienic. Because there was no record in the history of the community where the same and only instrument was washed or kept clean. Funny enough, its the same old instrument that was used on my ancestors. It was more of a sacred iron. So when it was time for me to take my wife down to the village shrine, i totally refused! Again the consequences were spelled out by those claiming to be concerned. And they are that she either would have complications during delivery or that she would spend her life burying her children prematurely. To the glory of God i have my five kids delivered without complications and they are all alive, growing up very healthy. Again, some friends and villagers that knew about my testimony started following my steps. Some years later, some elders of the community called for a special meeting where it was jointly agreed by the participants that the traditions should be abolished. And that was done after some rituals were performed to avert any repercussion. Praise Jesus!

The Jehovah Jireh.

My father who happens to be a contractor fell ill for weeks, and within this period my mum who had a hair salon was not making much from her trade. Her complain was that there have been epileptic power supply which had made business sales completely on a standstill. Feeding became a tug of war in my family . I remember skipping classes as a primary school pupil because there was no food to eat before heading for school and no hope of having a meal after school hours. But this particular day which happen to be a saturday was different. Different because of what revelation I got that day from the scripture, the result of the revelation and how it affected me as a child growing up to adulthood. It was a saturday and no food to eat and it was almost 2pm and yet no hope was in sight for the day’s meal. Dad was in the sitting room wriggling in pains, my sisters were in the bedroom with me sleeping. That afternoon I was reading the book of 1Kings chapter 17 where Prophet Elijah prophesied that there was not going to be rain for 3 years plus and there was no rain. While I was meditating this, a voice spoke to me that I can actually bind hunger and food scarcity as the prophet had done and it shall be done for me and as Elijah loosed the rain after 3 years plus, that I can also loose the abundance of foodstuffs of all types with finances and it shall happen thus. With excitement in my spirit I went to where my sister was, woke her up and told her the story I read, the revelation I got and the plan I have of doing what the prophet had done to hunger and food scarcity in our house. I then asked her to join me in the prayer. She looked at me like as if something had gone wrong with me and left the room completely in anger. Anger borne out of the fact that she was hungry and that I was letting my new found love for the bible drive me crazy. Not been discouraged I set out with my prayer plan. I called upon God and bound the scarcity of foodstuffs in the house and I also loosed the abundance of foodstuff, money and also customers for my mum in her salon. I had barely finished when a neighbour called me to get some stuffs for him at the marketplace. I ran down there and on getting home he gave me the balance from the money used in the purchase to buy myself some buscuits. As I was leaving his house, he called me back in and gave me a full bowl of boiled rice and stew to eat. After eating I rushed out of his room with joy and on getting to our sitting room I descovered my uncle’s wife came on a visit. She took me out immediately to one of the big markets in my area and bought all manner of foodstuffs in large quantities and gave it to me to take home. That same afternoon my mum had a large patronage of customers that she came home very late. Indeed this testimony multiplied itself in my life over and over again especially in the face of challenging situations and pressing needs in my life as I was growing up and in the life of people I have shared it with. As I am sharing this with you, I want to believe its your turn to experience the Jehovah Jireh, the God that supplies our needs!

Financial breakthrough through the Power of the tongue.

I had a financial need that was staring me in the face. I started talking to God about the need. I waited on God for some days regarding financial breakthrough in other to meet up with the pressing need and nothing was forthcoming. It got to a point that I spoke to a brother for some soft loans but he was not able to give it to me. At that point when it seems some level of frustration was about setting in, the Holy Spirit spoke to me while I was in a vehicle, “..don’t complain or murmur about your inability to get the money you need. You just thank God for the supplies of all your previous needs and then prophesy that you’ve already received these also you’re anticipating”. I did as I was instructed and refused to worry and I consciously placed a watch over my mouth against negative confessions or complains. Just about some few hours later, my phone rang and a strange voice called that my business product was needed. I quickly supplied and I got the money I’d been hoping for. Praise God!!! I know that if I had complained, the spirit responsible for negative words or complains would have shifted the business to somebody else. Thank God, I listened to the leading of the spirit.

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Your Mouth and your Life.


Your mouth determine your marriage. Rachel said to her husband, “give me children or I die”, at the birth of her second child she died. Gen.30:1, 35:17-19.
Your mouth determines your fruitfulness/ barrenness. David’s wife mocked his husband, and she died barren. 2Samuel 6:16,20-23.
Your mouth determines your destiny. Out of the 10 spies, the 8 fellow that gave a negative report died in the wilderness, while the other 2 that brought a positive report made it to the promised land. Num13:26-33. 14:1-24.
Destinies are cut down by the mouth. John the baptist sent his disciples to ask Jesus saying “are you the messiah or we should wait for another?”, a little girl demanded his head. Luke 7: 20, 22-23, Matthew 14:3-11.
Your mouth will yield misery or miracles. Zechariah doubted the prophecy of the angel and he became dumb for months, Mary believed the angel and she became MIRACULOUSLY pregnant. Luke 1:13-20, 30-35.
The servant on whom the king leaned did not live to enjoy the prosperity his nation witnessed because he challenged the prophecy of Elisha. 2Kings 7:1-2, 16-20.
Your mouth will determine what God will do in your life. Numbers 14:28, 11:1.

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